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    M-Pact® Knit CR5A5 cut gloves protect  working hands with a blend of high-tenacity fibers to provide EN 388: 2003 level 5 & ANSI A5 cut resistance throughout the entire glove. 

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    M-Pact® Flame-Resistant Knit CR5A5 gloves protect hands working with energized equipment in environments where the risk of fire, arc flash, and cut hazards are present. Comfortable 10-gauge machine knit shell conforms to your hands with anatomically designed flame-resistant TPR to protect your knuckles, metacarpals and fingers from common impact and...

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    M-Pact® XPLOR™ D4 cut-resistant gloves protect working hands in energy exploration and production with critical impact and palm cut protection. The XPLOR™ series meets EN13594 impact standard with our patented M-Pact® TPR design that safeguards your fingers, knuckles, and metacarpals while you work. The working side features CE Level D and ANSI Level 4...

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    Introducing your new favorite pair of genuine leather work gloves. The CG Heavy Duty is your first line of defense against impact, abrasion and hand fatigue on the job. Top grain leather with reinforced fingertips deliver extreme durability when you're in full-swing. Flexible Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) impact protection disperses damaging blows to the...

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    M-Pact® Leather work gloves stand tall against rough cut wood, concrete and cold hard steel on the jobsite. The M-Pact® is constructed with DuraHide® leather to deliver extreme abrasion resistance and structural integrity when you’re in full swing. Impact-absorbing Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) protects the back of the hand from your knuckles to your...

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    Measure twice, cut once. Leather M-Pact® Framer gloves are designed to protect professional carpenters with a functional fingerless design that delivers more dexterity when measuring, cutting and framing structures. The M-Pact Framer’s fingerless design frees your thumb, index and middle fingers so you can handle your arsenal of tools with precision and...

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    Hi-Viz Heavy Duty work gloves are your first line of defense against impact, abrasion and hand fatigue on the job. Fluorescent materials make you more conspicuous in hazardous work environments and reflective ink creates eye-catching luminance. The palm features machine washable leather, multi-zone padding with performance cushioning and leather...

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    M-Pact® Knit CR3A3 cut gloves protect working hands with EN 388: 2003 level 3 & ANSI A3 cut resistance in a seamless knit design. Comfortable 13-gauge machine knit polyester conforms to your hands with anatomically designed Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) to protect your knuckles, metacarpals and fingers from common impact and pinching injuries while you work.

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    Material4X® M-Pact® work gloves combine critical impact protection and Material4X® synthetic leather for the ultimate tool. Material4X® synthetic leather redefines durability with higher abrasion resistance and greater tear resistance than standard synthetic leather work gloves. The dual-layer internal fingertip construction reinforces each finger to...

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