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  • Ironclad Gloves

    Ironclad pioneered this new territory – developing task-specific gloves that helped each worker get the job done more safely, efficiently and effectively. But just developing task-specific gloves wasn’t enough. Ironclad needed to bring new technologies, materials and innovations to these harsh working environments. As a result, Ironclad has developed and owns 74 Patents and Trademarks worldwide. 

  • Mechanix Wear

    Mechanix Wear® has been the market leader for over 20 years high-tech professional gloves. The Mechanix Wear® gloves first became popular in auto and motor sports, today they are used by mechanics, technicians, builders, rescue and military personnel, as well as ordinary people in their daily activities, such as working in the garage.


    Portwest is a global manufacturer and distributor of workwear, protective clothing and personal protective equipment. Founded in 1904, Portwest is the world's fastest growing workwear company with a global distribution network and service personnel in over 130 countries.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items